Reusable and Sustainable.

Earth Ceramics started in 2019 in Auckland, with the vision of helping create a more sustainable world by making reusable, handmade ceramic travel cups.

Since then we have expanded our range to 9 different styles in 4 different sizes, all inspired by the beauty of Aotearoa, in particular; Piha beach, Coromandel, Hunua forest park and places further south such as Tongiriro, Arthurs Pass and Tekapo.

The Beauty of Imperfection

Our cups are inspired by traditional Japanese ceramics, which embodied the principles of ‘Wabi, Sabi, Suki’ roughly translating to ‘The Beauty of Imperfection’ – the subtle quality of handmade pottery reflecting the beauty of nature.

Our Piha range, inspired by the beauty of Piha beach and surrounding Waitakere mountain range, include small amounts of Piha Iron sand inside the clay body. Our clay and glazes are sourced from local and New Zealand providers.

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